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About us

“ A call to re-think the lifestyle
many of us live day by day. ”

We are aware of the social impact the garment industry has on our communities worldwide.
It is important to us to offer a high quality product while being socially responsible, hence our decision to print
on American Apparel, and Next Level apparel t-shirts,
which are sweatshops and child labor free.

The result is an original $20 shirt with a clean conscious.

“ ...your labor which gives form to desire takes from desire its form ” - Italo Calvino

Our social commentary on t-shirts is a call to consciousness to improve the way we live, to recognize that we often show a higher degree of dedication to our profession, our routine, than to the people around us.

How many times we cancel on social gatherings
with friends because we need to stay working
at the office to finish something that cannot
wait until tomorrow?

We must avoid becoming “slaves of our desires,”
and not miss out on the simple things, such as
the smile of a loved one or a beautiful sunset.


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